SPI by Social Insurance, Social Assistance, and Labor Market Programs

SPI by Depth and Breadth

SPI by Poor and Non-Poor

SPI by Male and Female

The SPI is a unitary ratio and is based first on dividing total expenditures on social protection by the total potential beneficiaries of social protection. Then this ratio is compared with gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

In 2016, a number of changes in methodology were introduced starting with the 2011-2013 data. The first is the change in the denominator from one-quarter of GDP per capita to simply the GDP per capita. The term "index" was also changed to "indicator" but still retaining the SPI abbreviation. Disaster relief has been dropped from the computation. Lastly, more consistent estimates of the unemployed and underemployed were used by comparing the estimates provided by the national consultants to the estimates of the "working poor" provided independently by International Labour Organization.



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